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March 2024
The DHSS Hub Conference
AI in the Humanities and Social Sciences 
Call for Proposals

The conference is dedicated to research in the humanities and social sciences that integrates Artificial Intelligence. We invite you to submit proposals for short lectures, panels and round tables, centering on the application of AI tools & methods.
For more details and submission...
Picture of Gadi Sagiv
Prof. Gadi Sagiv
Dep. of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies

Towards an Automatic Annotation of Motifs in Hasidis Stories: an Experiment with AI Tools
Picture of Dana Kaplan
Dr. Dana Kaplan
Dep. of Sociology, Political Science and Communication

Digital Sexual Conduct: Towards a Computational Analysis of Post-Situational Digisexual Sociality 

picture of Neta Bodner
Dr. Neta Bodner
Dep. of Literature, Languages and the Arts

Immersive Experiences, Photogrammetry and the History of Religious Architecture
What's New un the Hub
Lighted streets from above with people demonstrating
The DHSS Hub Seminar

Engaged Professionals:
The Production of Disciplinary
Knowledge and Praxis in Times of
Political Democratization

Our seminar hosts Prof. Inbal Ofer o10th April, who will discuss the relation between political protests and social movements. Her research investigates methods for mapping and quantifying the relations between experts in urban planning, in law and in the academy, who were engaged with the cause of molding progressive political orders.
Congratulation to Dr. Shai Gordin on his new publication in DHQ (Digital Humanities Quarterly, Vol 18, Num. 1): 
Cuneiform Stroke Recognition and Vectorization in 2D Images
Congratulation to Prof. Ophir Münz-Manor and Dr. Itay Marienberg-Milikowsky on their recent publication in DHQ (Digital Humanities Quarterly, Vol 17, Num. 3): 
Visualization of Categorization: How to see the wood and the trees
Critique of Pure Digital Reason: Difficulties and Challenges in Digital and Computational Humanities

This conference was a collaboration between the DHSS Hub at the Open University, the Literary Lab at Ben-Gurion University and the HUJI Center for Digital Humanities at the Hebrew University, organized by Prof. Ophir Münz-Manor, Dr. Itay Marienberg-Milikowsky and Dr. Renana Keydar (held on 19th March).
People sitting in a conference room
The conference showcased innovative research in digital humanities by scholars from all over the country in a wide range of fields, as well as foregrounded a reflexive critical narrative that asks to linger on the challenges and re-conceptualize them. 

The conference's research summaries (in Hebrew).

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